Get in line for Delaney's line drawings
(Thursday, May 18, 2000)
Written by Jennifer Chernak

Article text:

Nestled in her cozy home in Chestnut Hill on Shawnee Street,
Debra Delaney is busy raising her two young children and
starting a graphic arts business.

Her business, Delaney Designs, capitalizes on people's desire to
make everything personal and unique. Delaney can deliver this
"uniqueness" in her designs on custom invitations (parties,
engagements, weddings, baby showers) birth announcements,
moving announcements (she'll draw your new house) and just
about anything a client can dream up. A Delaney Designs
birthday invitation may include a drawing of the guest of honor
and 10 of their favorite things or hobbies.

Delaney's simple line drawings have a whimsical quality. "People
send me a picture of their family, house or dog or whatever they
want me to include in the design. If my sketch includes a person,
I ask if they want the sketch to be wearing something specific.
For example, one customer was known to wear overalls, and
another had a passion for Lilly Pulitzer skirts. "I want each client's
product to match the individual qualities they want expressed,"
said Delaney. "One of my most challenging requests included a
portrait of a dog. I have since done many pieces that include pets."

As a freshman at Penn State University, she designed an invitation
for her sorority formal as a favor. Soon Delaney was the one to call
to design invitations, banners, and T-shirts. "It's just what I love
to do," said Delaney. "I never dreamed that my designs would
develop into a business venture." Her hobby took a developmental
turn when a friend graduated and asked her to design her change
of address announcement. Delaney's business has grown through
word of mouth. "The more I do, the more I get back," said Delaney,
who guesses that each new client brings in at least two more clients.

**Delaney's custom invitations and cards are priced according to
quantity and type of card (note, fold-over, stationery). All designs
are black and white on heavy card stock...Soon, Delaney Designs
will launch "Delaney Doodles," a line of pre-packaged notecards
to be sold in specialty shops in Chestnut Hill.

**Since this article, we have begun designing in color, and our
line of Delaney Doodles has developed into a large success.